What is something a woman can say to seduce you that you can not say no to?

  1. “I want you inside me” has never failed.
  2. “Cum inside me” is a top tier request that I can never deny
  3. I want to feel you deep inside me
  4. Offer free pizza. Hey handsome, wanna come to my place so we can watch The Lord of the Rings extended edition and eat pizza?”
  5. Can I suck your dick?
  6.  Whispers in his ear “want me to cook your favourite food and i will be the desert later”
  7. I am going to sit on your face
  8. Laundry day?
  9. “Hey baby, let’s cuddle on the couch and marathon Star Wars together.”
  10. “Baby this shit is killing me and I need that magic cock of yours.”
  11. Let’s have an affair.

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