Do I tell my husband about joining REAL SEX CONTACTS or let it go?

I am really struggling with this and have been bouncing back and forth on what I should do.

Husband (26m) and I (24f) have been married for 2 years and have a 6 month old daughter. I work in a hospital and work a lot some weeks. Husband and I have no major problems, have a good marriage, and very much love each other.

I have met with this guy (32m) on Real Sex Contacts and dated him for around 9 months and we have gotten really close. There is flirting and we text. We spend a lot of time together and he has always been forward with me and wants more. Last week he kissed me, touched me and I realize things have gotten out of hand. I am planning on talking to this guy soon about everything. It is hard to be around him sometimes but I’m not going to sleep with him ever. I feel horrible. Should I just go ahead and tell my husband or just dump him and forget about it? Husband will be very upset obviously.

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