Hop On Over Here: Everything You Need For A Naughty Easter Basket.


The Card
Why buy a cheesy Hallmark card when you can slip one of these cheeky little guys in his morning basket? If you’re in the mood for some morning lovin’ then when he reads your card, he’ll definitely get the message.
The Bunny Rabbit
What’s soft, bunny-eared and perfect for cuddling? You! Just imagine the look on his face when he sees you step out in these fluffy, soft accessories and then later when you both hippity hop over to the bedroom to go at it like well, you know.
The Eggs
Don’t let them fool you, these aren’t your typical Cadbury eggs Made just for the guys, the eggs are delivered in a pack of six — each with a different texture and a corresponding lotion. Trust us when we say that he’ll love these way more than a pack of candy eggs from the drugstore.
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